About OTB


Our blends are carefully engineered by our team of  wildlife biologists, seed experts, hunters, and farmers. We have taken all of this environmental knowledge and passed it to you through Osage Trophy Blend.

Seed Blends

Osage Trophy Blend is proud to offer many different blends for Wildlife Food Plots. A seed mixture of perennial legumes and annual forage brassica to be planted by any deer / turkey hunter, land manager, or wildlife enthusiast to feed, nourish, and hold preferred wildlife game species.


We encourage you to post all of you’re hunting stories and share with us pictures from your successful hunts. Also, we look forward to hearing about how Osage Trophy Blend has enriched your outdoor experiences.


Why Choose OTB?

  • Increases land’s carrying capacity for all sorts of different wildlife
  • Provides essential proteins and nutrients to all foraging wildlife
  • Mixture with differing maturity rates that insures mature, palatable plants for most of the year
  • Does NOT contain filler seed or annual seed mixtures in the clovers
  • Proven to have a faster germination rate over competitors
  • Carefully engineered by our team of wildlife biologists, ecologists, seed experts, hunters, and farmers.